Our Hair, We Always Have Alternatives

     Our hair is important as is everything else in our body. However, we tend to always damage our hair by using expensive tools and products offered in the market. One day we decide to go for wavy/curly hair, and another day we go for a straight style. One day we have a ponytail and the next day we go for a bun. But how can we accomplish that? Of course, by using heated tools and tons of products (that’s me!) but in the long run, the only thing they do is ruin and destroy our precious hair.
     In my case, I was born with A LOT of hair, and when I say A LOT, I really mean it. I never knew how to make it look pretty, and that’s why I always had it tied up in a bun. It was super easy to do it that way, but far away from being classy, sophisticated and unique. We also need to recognize that fixing our hair and making it look like its "photoshopped" takes time and dedication, a thing that, to be honest, I personally do not really have. I do not know about you, but I would rather have a great workout in the morning before I go to work than be doing my hair. Therefore, that is why we created Tossy by EM Headbands. 
     Now, the creation of these headbands has a deeper cause than just to satisfy my ego’s need to look more professional and classy without the need of using heated tools and tons of chemicals and conditioners. The actual cause of this business is the opportunity that we, you and us, give to children from impoverished communities to receive education and have goals. Not knowing how to write and how to read creates a lot of limitation in a world that needs creative minds and big hearts. Nowadays it is fundamental to know how to communicate in many ways. Therefore, with the creation of Tossy by EM Headbands, we give that opportunity to these children to become who they want to be one day. We give them hope and the opportunity to eventually one day connect with others outside their own community. 
     After two years of the creation of Tossy by EM Headbands, I can tell you that I have been saving time and money in costly products for my hair. I have also received a lot of compliments about the uniqueness of the product, its prints, and practicality. I have also started loving my look and my hair. I no longer have issues if it is frizzy, curly, wavy, or flat. I just wear a Tossy by EM Headband and the problem is resolved. In the end, Tossy by EM Headbands is just another alternative to fix your hair every day.






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